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Welcome to Baseball Factory Sets, where you’ll find a mind bogglingly large selection of baseball cards for sale. We carry both Topps and Bowman baseball cards, and Topps football cards as well as a good selection of associated card collecting paraphernalia. You can buy your factory sets alone by year, or in box collections. Each set or box offers not only wonderful collections of card sets, but also exciting extras like autographs, relics and other special features that you won’t find anywhere else. When you’re looking for a site that carries only the best and means it when they say they are having a Topps baseball cards sale, then you’re going to be glad you stopped by at Baseball Factory Sets. Many sites say they are selling baseball cards, but they are limited either in the ability to provide you with a large selection or their ability to provide you with competitive prices. At Baseball Factory Sets we provide both sets and box options in our inventory of baseball cards for sale, at very competitive prices, and we offer a wide variety of ancillary items like display materials, such as sleeves and binders, single card holders and card storage boxes, as well as our buyer and pricing guide.

Whether you’re just beginning your baseball card collection, or you’re looking to fill out and expand the one you have, you’re going to love all the great options you’ll find at Baseball Factory Sets. In our Bowman selection we have box sets that are specific by year for draft picks, and sets for the current year that include special features like specialty cards for prospects, as well as autographed Bowman chrome rookie and prospect cards. Our Topps selections include both sets and boxes. The Topps factory sets are differentiated by year and included in our inventory is the fabulous 2012 Fenway 100th anniversary edition. Each set is unique and typically offers the entire set of all the regular issue Topps baseball cards as well as some extra goodies and all in a beautiful, full color collectors’ box. Our Topps box sets of baseball cards for sale are a true joy with each containing multiple sets of cards that are geared toward a specialty series of cards like Allan & Ginter or Gypsy Queen, or geared toward a specialty event like Opening Day. Each of the boxes also features extras like relic cards and autographs.

With all of the wonderful sets and boxes of baseball cards for sale that we offer, our selection doesn’t stop there. We also have a large selection of Topps football cards in both the yearly and specialty sets as well as the box options. Don’t wait a minute longer to start or expand your baseball card collection or your football card collection. Stop by at Baseball Factory Sets today and start creating and growing the sports card collection you’ve always wanted. We will always bring you the best selection of the best quality baseball card and football card factory sets at the very best prices possible.