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How to Build a Baseball Card Collection using Baseball Card Sets

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 5/18/2016

Did you know that the first ever baseball card sets were produced by a company called Peck & Snyder in 1868? The cards had images of the players in the front, and advertisements for the company's equipment at the back. A series of other baseball card manufacturers later, the American Tobacco Company (ATC) created the first T206 cards, which not only gained fame but also pretty much monopolized the industry. After World War II, companies like Bowman, Leaf Candy, Fleer and Topps, among others, entered the industry.

Since their creation, baseball card sets have become a national pastime, with serious collectors spending millions of dollars to land their favorite card. Today, few companies from the previous era exist. Topps and Upper Deck are two leading companies that rule the market.

Tips to Pick Cards from Baseball Card Sets to Form a Collection

Baseball card sets released as far back as the 1950s and earlier have fueled the nation's passion for baseball. From card sets from different companies released at the time, there are few cards of each set if not all cards, that remain most valuable to collectors. If you are planning on becoming one such collector, here are a few tips to help you reach your goal:

Decide What You Want: There have been many baseball card sets that have been released over the years. First, figure out which set of which year you want to own. Also, decide on which company's card you'd like to collect and what kind of players you want.

Budget: This is important to keep your hobby alive. Make sure that the cards about to be purchased fit within the budget. In short, outline a budget before starting off. Most cards that are rare are expensive. So make sure that you invest wisely.

Purchasing: Once the budget is decided, buy cards belonging to baseball card sets from online auction sites, online stores or other retailers for affordable prices.

Storage: Once the collection has started, store it safely to avoid wear and tear. This can be done by keeping it in pine or wooden boxes. Alternatively, plastic sheets can be used to show the entire card sets that have been collected. Never store them in conditions of extreme temperatures, as this can spoil the cards.

Baseball card sets get the best price if they are a complete set, or are in mint condition. Wear and tear often reduces the price of these cards. Similarly, baseball cards that are rare or showcase rookies fetch a better price than others.

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