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The Tobacco League [Infographic]

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 6/10/2016

When you think of baseball cards, what first pops into your head? Likely, you're imagining bubble gum, freshly mowed grass and a 1950s subdivision. Something about baseball cards brings back the nostalgia surrounding the baby boom and the American Dream. While gum and candy companies such as Topps may have dominated the baseball card world for decades, we actually have a different industry to thank for their existence: tobacco.

How to Build a Baseball Card Collection using Baseball Card Sets

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 5/18/2016

Did you know that the first ever baseball card sets were produced by a company called Peck & Snyder in 1868? The cards had images of the players in the front, and advertisements for the company's equipment at the back. A series of other baseball card manufacturers later, the American Tobacco Company (ATC) created the first T206 cards, which not only gained fame but also pretty much monopolized the industry. After World War II, companies like Bowman, Leaf Candy, Fleer and Topps, among others, entered the industry.

5 Most Precious Topps Baseball Cards

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 4/20/2016

Did you know that Topps was the only company licensed to manufacture cards that featured the US Olympic baseball team of 1984? This consequently led to the production of the first baseball card of Mark McGwire, before he was promoted to the major leagues! Collectors were in a frenzy to lay their hands on this card. With the beautiful, definitive cards that have been developed and produced over the years, it is not wonder that the Topps baseball cards are the most sought after by collectors throughout the nation.

How to Select Topps Baseball Sets

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 3/15/2016

Baseball cards are a great way to indulge your passion for the game. You can enjoy discussing them with other fans and exchange these items with them too. Once you have built up a collection, you will be looking for ways and means to enhance it. In such a scenario the right website can provide you with the cards you want.

You can search online for sites which offer Topps baseball sets. Shortlist two or three of them based on their prices. You can also ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Choose one which matches your requirements.

Why You Should Select Topps Baseball Boxes

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 2/29/2016

If you are a true blue baseball fan, you will enjoy owning Topps baseball boxes. You can display your passion for the game and exchange baseball cards with other collectors as well. If you have been collecting cards since childhood, you will be interested in updating your collection with the latest releases.

You can search online for sites which provide these kinds of items. Shortlist two or three based on their prices. You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues for suggestions. Choose a site which matches your requirements.

Topps - Made in America

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 2/16/2016

Recently the executives of Topps made the decision to renew their lease in Manhattan and remain true to the company's American roots and culture. The Topps Company was featured in a recent segment of CNBC's "Made in America". The Topps CEO, Ryan O'Hara sat down with Nicole Lapin to discuss Topps' decision to remain in New York City, the importance of being Made in America and the current state of American manufacturing. 

History of Topps Baseball Cards

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 12/21/2015

The following article takes you through the history of the New York based company that became synonymous with sports trading cards and its journey to becoming the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of baseball cards.

Although the company itself was founded in 1938, its roots can be traced back to a much earlier firm by the name of 'American Leaf Tobacco' founded by Brooklyn entrepreneur Morris Shorin. After the First World War and the great depression, the firm experienced a significant decline in its business due to restrictions on supplies. So Shorin's four sons Abram, Ira, Philip and Joseph took advantage of the company's existing distribution channels and decided to revive the business by focusing on a new product altogether; chewing gum.

Collecting Baseball Card Sets

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 12/2/2015

Whereas baseball is America's favorite sport and pastime, collecting baseball card sets is America's favorite hobby. From as early as the 1930s, it's rather unusual to come across a hardcore baseball fan that doesn't collect baseball factory sets. You can acquire single cards or entire sets; it all depends on your preference and budget.

How To Store And Protect Your Baseball Card Collection

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 11/19/2015

The art of collecting, storing and protecting baseball card sets has evolved since the early days when young collectors used to stick their Topps baseball cards in the spokes of their bikes and into any sort of toploader or protective sleeve. Modern day collectors cringe at the very thought of such mistreatment of Topps and Bowman baseball cards, especially vintage cards. Sports card protection is now in high demand, and has become a business in itself as an increasing number of collectors now view their card sets as investments.

Investing in Baseball Cards

Posted by Baseball Factory Sets on 10/6/2015

The first baseball cards were issued by companies over a century ago. These companies were merely looking to advertise their businesses; it wasn't really about having a connection with the sport itself. However, with the passage of time, baseball cards have become a commodity in their own right.